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Our Purpose

We exist to help managers design a life that allows them, their families, and communities to thrive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support leaders in changing the workforce to ensure businesses equally prioritize their products and their people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a welcoming and inclusive global learning community for managers dedicated to making meaningful business and culture change.

Our Approach: What makes us unique?


Team Learning

We value learning in group settings to encourage active discussion, problem-solving, and consensus-driven experiments.


Human-Centered Design

We value the thoughtful design of individual and team experiences with clear expectations, robust communications, and healthy boundaries.


Data-Driven Systems

We value data-driven systems that increase individual and team capacity, while also centering innovation and collaboration. 


Feedback and Coaching

We value space for ongoing feedback and coaching to ensure self-awareness and compassion are present in everyone. 

Meet Kelsey

Learning & Development Consultant, Facilitator,

Certified Coach, and Speaker

As a former Educator and Non-Profit Director and the daughter of a Banking Executive, I quickly learned toxic company cultures were a global concern and they didn't depend on access to funding. 

My guiding research question became, "How might we build high-performing AND healthy teams?"

I invested a Master's Degree worth of resources in experts who were teaching:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Human Resources

  • Design Thinking

  • Change Management

  • Data-Driven Systems Design

  • Coaching

My passion became clear. Managers have the greatest impact on the human experience at work.

Now I provide teaching, coaching, and community for managers through company partnerships and public programs. 

When Managers Thrive, We All Win

Join us,

Meet the team

Kelsey Ley
(She / Her)

_DSC4624-Edit_Ext_SquareProfile (1).jpg

Trainer, Coach, Facilitator

The Maverick &

The Thinker

Jessica Pearson
(She / Her)

Director of

Community Engagement

The Specialist &

the Thinker

Andrea Worthington
(She / Her)

Design Lead

The Collaborator &

The Visionary

The Community

This company runs on community and we wouldn't be here without you.

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