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Our Purpose

We exist to help individuals design a life that allows them, their families, and communities to thrive.

Our Mission | 10-30 year goal

Our mission is to support leaders in changing the workforce to ensure businesses equally prioritize their products and their people.

Our Vision | 3-5 year goal

Our vision is to create a welcoming and inclusive global learning community for people leaders dedicated to making meaningful business and culture change.

Our Approach: What makes us unique?


Team Learning

We value ongoing learning from every member of the team that encourages active discussion, problem-solving, and data-driven experiments.


People-Centered Leadership

We value leadership that prioritizes individual and team success with clear expectations, robust communications, and healthy boundaries.


Proactive & Creative Systems

We value well-designed flexible systems that increase individual and team capacity, while centering innovation and collaboration. 


Ongoing Reflections & Celebrations

We value space for ongoing reflections and celebrations around individual and team greatness.

Meet Kelsey

For the past 12 years, I established myself in the social impact, community engagement, education, and arts communities directing and teaching programs, speaking at conferences, and developing new initiatives for world-renowned companies.


The work was extremely rewarding, but the work environments were quite toxic.


I knew it was time to look at the impact of leadership on employee engagement so I could do work I love, in an environment that fully supported me.


I found myself mentors, leaders, coaches, and colleagues that aligned with the vision of healthy work, healthy life and the seed of this company was planted.


As a master facilitator, design thinker, coach, and artist, I have evolved my focus to learning & development and company culture and am excitedly training and coaching people leaders around the globe on how to design, implement, and scale people-centered teams.


We're on a mission to elevate our human experience through work and we’re so grateful you’re joining us.


Meet the team

Kelsey Ley
(She / Her)

Your teacher & coach for all things team leadership.

The Maverick &

The Thinker

Jessica Pearson
(She / Her)

Director of

Community Engagement

The Specialist &

the Thinker

Andrea Worthington
(She / Her)

Design Lead

The Collaborator &

The Visionary

The Community

This company runs on community and we wouldn't be here without you.

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