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Transform your Team.

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12-Week Course includes:

  • ​12 virtual live and interactive group classes

  • In-depth leadership assessment and one-on-one integration coaching session

  • Ongoing Q&A and co-working sessions

  • Partner with an accountability buddy

  • Support in our private online community

  • Access to the Resource Library with 50+ resources and templates

  • Invitations to participant-only workshops

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Fall 2022 Cohort Dates
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Proven Results

92% of course participants increase their confidence in managing others and/or they increase their team's overall engagement and productivity.

Curriculum Outline


Week 1

Kick-Off Celebration and The Power of Working Agreements

Build an Engaged Team & Define Your Role

You will explore the essentials of building a people-centered team while studying the evolution of workplace cultures and uncovering your ideal role at work.

Week 2

Dissect the History of People Practices and Introduction to Company Culture

Week 3

Know your Leadership Style and Create your Vision


Week 4

Make Sustainable Change: The Foundations of Systems and Design Thinking

Design a People-Centered Change Initiative

You will identify where you want to make change (the individual, team, company, or industry-wide level) and through various forms of research and engagement, you will develop an in-depth understanding of the problem and values-aligned solution required.

Week 5

Week 6

The Importance of Values and the Role They Play in Everything We Do

Design Jam! Facilitate a Meeting with Brainstorming and Consensus Building


Week 7

Build Psychological Safety and Hold Space for Meaningful Conversations

Implement Meaningful & Sustainable Change

You will be able to confidently lead a change initiative that requires buy-in from multiple parties and management of competing deadlines, budgets, hiring, onboarding, employee engagement, and more. We will be here to support you along the way.

Week 8

Propose People-Centered Change Initiatives to Leadership and/or a Board

Week 9

Co-Create an Implementation Plan to Deliver a Successful Initiative, Measure Success, and Pivot as Needed


Week 10

Practice Giving Ongoing Feedback and Build It into your Weekly Systems

Create a Culture of Feedback, Reflection, & Celebration

You will be able to create a culture where feedback, reflection, and celebrations are the norm. 

Week 11

Create a Performance Management System that People Appreciate

Week 12

Reflect, Celebrate, and Plan for the Future


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