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Advance your emotional intelligence and lead an empowered team that leans into change instead of against it.

About Coaching

One-on-One Coaching is the most effective and efficient method of leadership support available. Every work environment requires you to wear many hats and requires you take on new challenges aligned with and outside your comfort zone.


Experiencing resistance, tough communications, and learning curves are just a few of the most common topics that arise. Coaching allows you to work through blocks more quickly and in ways that are aligned with you & your vision.


Often, we sit with blocks for longer periods of time and let fear and/or scarcity drive our actions. We know this commonly leads to resentment, burn-out, turnover, and lack of interest, so we are working to bring ongoing harmony between you, your work, your colleagues, and your life.

Options for Coaching


Three 1:1 Sessions



This is an introduction to coaching. We will have three 1-1 coaching sessions that establish clarity and confidence in your leadership practice. 

6-Month Advanced Mastermind



A 6-month mastermind to uplevel your skills as a confident people-centered leader.

We meet 2x per month with a tight-knit group of highly-effective leaders that are making a massive impact and transforming the way we work.

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Coaching Retainer for your Employees



An outside coach is a highly effective resource for your employees when conflict arises or transitions are underway. 

This provides your team a third-party sounding board for navigating stressful situations.

Clients are saying…

Love Graffiti

Kelsey provided a safe, inclusive, welcoming space for me to discover new ways of approaching various situations that I encounter in the workplace and my everyday life.


Operations Manager |  FinTech

I'll take the topics, tactics & lessons with me for the rest of my life. This work has taught me not only how to be a good employee, a good leader, a good teammate, but also a good human being. If coaching was required for every type of business, we all would be living in a much healthier, more effective, and supportive world!


Owner | Team Next Door | Boutique Marketing Agency 

Colorful Graffiti

Is coaching right for me?
Yes, if you're a manager who wants to...

Show Your Value

You know your value, but you have a difficult time advocating for yourself or your team.

Contribute Strategically 

You are an Operations Wiz, but you want to join higher-level strategic conversations.

Increase Your Impact

Your team is performing at an all-time high, so you are ready to scale this impact.

What You Can Expect

During coaching sessions, you will simultaneously develop clarity around big picture goals while navigating daily challenges that will lead you to the transformation you’re craving in your career and personal life. 

You lead the way. From accountability to goal planning to team design, we cover a wide range of topics that support your current needs.

Coaching Outcomes


You will identify goals for you and your team and take meaningful action through a confident people-centered change management approach.


You will navigate new, challenging, and unexpected conversations with your colleagues with more ease


You will increase clarity on where you want to focus your attention at work in alignment with your career and life goals, then where you can delegate or change the structure of your team to support those goals.


You will launch new initiatives with team buy-in and see increased results from your people

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