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A Global Challenge:
Coaching at Scale for Managers

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
10-11am PT / 1-2pm ET (1 hour)

This event is virtual. An RSVP is required.


Panel Overview

A Global Challenge: Coaching at Scale for Managers

The role of the manager has changed drastically for all businesses. Managers are not only overseeing complex projects, they are managing new team structures, integrating multiple technology solutions, and have fewer resources in faster-paced environments than ever before.


Foundational skills and systems are necessary for managers, but coaching has surfaced as the most crucial skill to run effective and engaged teams in today’s landscape.


However, coaching is often reserved for executives and hasn’t been offered to most managers yet. If you're here, you're likely curious about how to change this.

Join us for a one-hour panel discussion to explore creative and resource-friendly ways on how you can make coaching accessible and scalable for your managers in 2024.

Who is this for?

This conversation will be geared toward senior leadership, HR directors, Learning & Development professionals, and managers that are curious about how to advocate and implement coaching for managers.

Kelsey Ley


Drew Allison Headshot.JPG

Drew Allison

  • LinkedIn

Owner, Lead Consultant • Cape & Cowl Consulting

Drew is an experienced sales manager, director, and Vice President who built a sales team of 60 during the challenging years of 2020-2022. Drew operates Cape & Cowl Consulting, a sales consulting/coaching firm that specializes in emotional intelligence and psychology in sales and business.

Jane Garza headshot.jpeg

Jane Garza

  • LinkedIn

Head of People, North America • Quince

Jane Garza, Director of People for Quince, North America, brings almost fifteen years of HR expertise spanning talent management, organizational design, L&D, and change management. Prior to Quince, Jane ran Growth and Development at Etsy and was a Managing Director & Consultant at NOBL, advising world famous organizations like Warner Bros, Airbnb, and Google DeepMind through change big and small. Jane has a passion for infusing creativity into HR to reimagine how we can thrive at work.

A. Terlizzi.png

Andrew Terlizzi

  • LinkedIn

Senior General Manager • Crossroads Live North America

Andrew is a seasoned theatrical tour manager with over 17 years managing live performances around the globe. In 2022 Andrew elevated into the Senior General Manager position with Crossroads Live North America, a full service theatrical production company. Captaining numerous touring productions around North America, he is dedicated to mentoring the next generation of theatrical tour managers.

About Kelsey Ley

Kelsey Ley (she/her) is creative and strategic Learning & Development consultant with 15+ years in training, curriculum design, and employee experience. Kelsey and her team specialize in custom New Manager training programs that bring the needed systems, skills, and mindset practices to managers for long-term success.

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