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When managers thrive, we all win.

 ~ 2023 Highlights ~


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~ 2023 Word of the Year ~


It has been a year of gaining clarity on who we serve. 


We’re proud to support managers in their development and growth through company partnerships and public programs.

New Managers

We updated our signature course, Foundations, to be the #1 recommended training for new managers.

Experienced Managers

We launched an in-depth coaching program, The Manager Circle, to support seasoned managers as they become strategic leaders.

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The Manager Circle for me serves as a place to reset my expectations for the workplace and myself at work. Our circle in a few words: supportive and intimate and grounding.

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Content Marketing Manager


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I enrolled in Kelsey's 12-week course Foundations of Leading People-Centered Teams to learn how to better lead my product delivery teams. Coming out of the course, I feel empowered to try new coaching techniques, facilitate meaningful workshops, and many more tangible skills and ideas that I can bring to work every day!

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Product Consultant, IT Consulting

We partnered with Executives and HR teams looking to improve manager performance and retention.

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Our company was facing a difficult leadership transition and Kelsey was able to provide guidance to not just navigate the situation, but to really lean into it as an opportunity for positive change.

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Jaclyn LaGro & Charlee Antonelli

Owners, Speco Inc, 4th generation family business Manufacturing

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Join us in 2024 

Kick-off your year with our annual Vision Board Party on Friday, January 5.

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