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Foundations of Leading People-Centered Teams

A comprehensive 12-week training for new managers.

Transform your team. Transform your life.

We need highly effective people leaders because…

  • Your team is your #1 ally in reaching and exceeding your goals year after year.


  • Your team deserves a workplace that aligns with their values and prioritizes their strengths.


  • Your team performs best in an environment with transparency, candid feedback, and clear expectations.


  • Your team is engaged when they know the “WHY” and have a voice in the innovation process.


  • Your team needs flexibility to care for themselves, their families, and their communities.

You want to be a people leader that…

Attracts diverse talent with inclusive hiring practices and comprehensive onboarding systems

Builds a learning environment that models clear communication, experimentation, and candid feedback

Aligns goals with roles and responsibilities to ensure productivity and accountability

Maximizes individual and collective skills, while maintaining healthy boundaries, to increase engagement and reduce burn-out

Shares information across teams to collaborate among departments and client projects

Continually motivates your team in a virtual, hybrid, and global environment

You are ready to…


Find your authentic leadership style and have the confidence to act on it

With a strategic and mindful approach to leadership, you will become more confident knowing what makes you a unique leader and using that super-power as a tool for success.


Improve employee engagement through clear communications and expectations

With a collaborative, consensus-driven, and design-thinking approach to leadership, you will understand how to design people-centered systems that your team is excited to adopt, including a culture of accountability and candid feedback.

Increase your team's productivity and prioritize breaks


With customizable frameworks, action-oriented roadmaps, and a systems-thinking model, you and your team will confidently improve workflows and reduce redundancies as well as  build time for innovation, reflection, celebrations and most importantly, breaks. 

Build a psychologically safe work environment


Feeling welcome is a primary driver to employee satisfaction. You will learn how to support diverse leaders and learners while motivating them to use boundaries, accountability, and transparency as positive (and required) elements to team success.


Develop your network and make lasting connections with like-minded leaders

Through small group work, you will collaborate closely with participants. We look forward to seeing how these connections support the future of your work!

This program is for you if you’re a…

New Manager

dedicated to modeling shared ownership and inclusive practices among your team. You were likely promoted due to your expertise but haven't received training that's actionable, people and culture focused, and relevant to your current environment.

Entrepreneur or Start-Up Founder

wanting to grow your company sustainably, establish strong core values and implement best people practices from the start.

Freelancer or Small Business Owner

invested in showing up confidently and leading successful projects for each and every client. 


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