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Foundations of Leading People-Centered Teams

12-Week Course Details

Transform your Team.

As a first-time people leader, you will thrive with the right training, mentorship, and community.

This program includes all of it.

  • ​12 virtual live and interactive group classes

  • Q&A sessions

  • Partner with an accountability buddy

  • Support in our private online community

  • Access to the Resource Library with 50+ resources and templates

Foundations of Leading People-Centered Teams

Spring 2023 Dates

*Program in Session*

Future dates will be announced soon.


Proven Results

92% of course participants increase their confidence in managing others and/or they increase their team's overall engagement and productivity.

Curriculum Outline


Week 1

Connect to your Team's Definition of People-Centered Leadership


Build an inclusive environment that connects and motivates your people and business to create a Foundation of Connection.

Week 2

Define your Leadership Vision & Connect to your Authentic Voice

Week 3

Align Company's Mission with Values to Maximize Impact

Week 4

Build a Psychological Safe & Welcoming Environment


Week 5 & 6

Hire and Onboard a Team that Exceeds Expectations


Week 7

Expand your team's capacity through clearly defined roles, ongoing support, and useful feedback for to establish a Foundation of Communication.

Explore Coaching Fundamentals for Employee Growth & Challenging Conversations

Week 8

Practice Giving Ongoing Feedback and Build it into Weekly Systems


Week 9

Design Jam! Facilitate a Meeting with Brainstorming and Consensus Building

Week 10


Improve innovation, employee performance, and long-term retention through a Foundation of Collaboration.

Align Project Management Systems that Encourage Distributed Ownership

Week 11

Assign Work with Thoughtful Delegation Tactics

Week 12

Develop a Culture of Data-Driven Reflection & Inclusive Celebration

Payment Options

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  • Am I a good fit for this program?
    If you are leading a team (or hope to lead a team in the near future) and are dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace that prioritizes people and profit equally, then this program will be an excellent addition to your professional development experiences.
  • I’ve been managing people for a while. Will this program offer anything new?
    If you are questioning current systems, seeing unexpected turnover, or experiencing tension on your team, it is likely there is room for innovation when it comes to how teams are managed. Experienced people leaders take this program to build confidence when it comes to redesigning systems and implementing new initiatives that are often noticed and adopted by other leaders across their companies. You will become a leader of people leaders! If you’re unsure, schedule a call here. We want to make sure this will be worth your time.
  • I’m hoping to lead a team soon. Does it make sense to take the program now or should I wait until I’m in a management position?
    Many individual contributors are promoted to management positions without training on how to build a team, scale a team, or restructure a team, so if you’re interested in leading a team, this will be a comprehensive training on how to establish a team and create impactful change. Many of our participants get promoted after (and even during!) the program, as they learn management vocabulary and systems, as well as establish their unique voice as a leader. Their boss notices their growth and trusts them with new responsibilities. We say go for it, as an opportunity may open up sooner than you expect!
  • I already have a lot on my plate. Outside of designated class time, how much time should I expect to spend on this program each week?"
    Each week there will be suggested implementation activities that range from 5-30 minutes. We recommend you customize the content to seamlessly integrate and relate the processes, systems, and practices you’re already working on or in. If you’d like to implement a new initiative, you are welcome, but most participants look at systems that are already in place and focus on improving those.
  • I have a conflict or two with the calendar. What happens if I miss a class? Can I still get the material?
    Although we recommend attendance for each session since most of each class is conversation-based, we understand schedules and life can be unpredictable. We record every class and upload materials to our Resource Library each week. You can access the Resource Library at any time to catch up on material missed.

Need help getting your company’s support?

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