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  • Weekly Workshops will explore topics through conversation structures, collaborative activities, consensus building workshops, and more, so you can take these tools and implement them into your practice. Relevant assignments are encouraged after each class so you can put the content into practice.
  • Co-Working/Q&A Sessions to address specific experiences in your workplace, especially as you initiate change no matter your role.
  • Leadership Assessment & Personalized Coaching Session to better understand your natural way of leading and how to best communicate with those around you.
  • Accountability Buddy for ongoing strategy and mindset support throughout the program.
  • Private Online Community for collaborations, events, resources, and workshops.
  • Guest Speakers for deep dives with industry experts on imperative topics such as accessibility & inclusion, performance management, and self-care in the workplace.
  • Resource Library to access book and podcast lists, articles, templates, talking points, frameworks, and more.

The Art of Leading People-Centered Teams

  • WEEK 1 Kick-Off Celebration & The Power of Working Agreements

    WEEK 2 Dissect the History of People Practices in the Workplace & Demystify Company Culture

    WEEK 3 Know your Leadership Style & Create your Vision

    WEEK 4 How to Make Sustainable Change at Work: The Foundations of Systems Thinking & Design Thinking

    WEEK 5 The Importance of Values and the Role They Play in Everything We Do

    WEEK 6 Design Jam! How to Facilitate a Meeting with Brainstorming & Consensus Building

    WEEK 7 Build Psychological Safety for Remote & In-Person Teams & Hold Space for Meaningful Conversations

    WEEK 8 Propose People-Centered Change Initiatives to Leadership and/or a Board

    WEEK 9 Create an Implementation Plan to Deliver a Successful Initiative & Measure Success

    WEEK 10 Practice Giving Ongoing Feedback & Build It into your Weekly Systems

    WEEK 11 Create a Performance Management System that People Appreciate

    WEEK 12 Closing Ceremony & Student Presentations

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