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Planning Workshop

Annual Strategic Planning Workshop

Thursday, December 8
1pm ET / 10am PT (3 hours)

Learn the strategic planning process so you can host and facilitate this important annual workshop with your team.

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Did you know?

62% of working professionals don’t currently create an annual strategic plan with their team, but 88% WANT to create one. Let’s close the gap.

Why is Strategic Planning an important management practice?

1. Strategic Planning Centers Your Vision

We are energized by the bigger purpose of our work, but are often weighed down by the daily to-do list. The Strategic Planning process is essential to reignite the vision of the company, your team, and each employee’s personal goals.

2. Strategic Planning Builds an Inclusive Environment

The process is designed for diverse work styles and gives space for everyone to contribute at their own comfort level, which creates the welcoming environment your team craves.

3. Strategic Planning Encourages Growth & Innovation

Throughout the process, team members’ excitement builds as they identify opportunities for the business, their colleagues, and their professional growth.

Our 6-Step Strategic Planning Process includes:

Step O1

Center in the Company’s / Team’s Vision

Step O2

Understand Potential Blocks

Step O3

Identify Aligned Actions

Step O4

Prioritize Core Strategic Directions for 2023

Step O5

Craft a Quarterly Implementation Map

Step O6

Establish Team Roles and Responsibilities

Experience the Strategic Planning Process so you can facilitate for your own team! 

In this workshop, we will go through the process together. You will understand how to:

Set-up an inclusive workshop environment that encourages everyone to share openly

Hold space for healthy debate and active decision making

Navigate the 6-step Strategic Plan process with ease (you will receive all templates and resources needed to facilitate)

Do you need a Facilitator? 

Having an outside facilitator is ideal when all members of a team (including you!) would like to take an active role in participating in the Strategic Planning Process.

We recommend a Facilitator when:


Your team is more than 5+ people


You want to include additional voices, such as investors, board members, or clients


It’s your first time hosting a Strategic Plan and you’d like someone to model the process

Book a Facilitator

If you would like a facilitator for your process, we’re here for you.

Email us at to discuss details and secure a date.

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This work is a delightful, hands-on, practical approach to managing people to ensure collaborative compassionate, and effective teams


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