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Fall 2021

Week 2

Sept. 20

Dissect the History of People Practices & Introduction to Company Culture

Week 3

Sept. 27

Know your Leadership Style & Create your Vision

*Introduce Accountability Buddies

Week 4

OCT. 4

How to Make Sustainable Change: The Foundations of Systems & Design Thinking

Week 5

OCT. 18

The Importance of Values and the Role They Play in Everything We Do

Week 6

OCT. 25

Design Jam! How to Facilitate a Meeting with Brainstorming & Consensus Building

Week 7

NOV. 1

Build Psychological Safety for Teams & Hold Space for Meaningful Conversations

Week 8

Nov. 8

Propose People-Centered Change Initiatives to Leadership and/or a Board

Week 9

Nov. 15

Create an Implementation Plan to Deliver a Successful Initiative & Measure Success

Week 10

Nov. 22

Practice Giving Ongoing Feedback & Build It into your Weekly Systems

Week 11

Nov. 29

Create a Performance Management System that People Appreciate (Panel Discussion)

Week 12

Dec. 6

Closing Celebrations & Reflections

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