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Foundations of Leading People-Centered Teams

12-Week Course Curriculum

Part 1: Foundations of Connection

Build an inclusive environment that connects and motivates your people and team.

Week 1

Program Kick-Off!

Connect to your Team's Definition of People-Centered Leadership

Week 2

Define your Leadership Vision & Connect to your Authentic Voice

Week 3

Align Company's Mission with Values to Maximize Impact

Week 4

Build a Psychological Safe & Welcoming Team Environment

Part 2: Foundations of Communication

Expand Your Team's Capacity through Clearly Defined Roles, Ongoing Support, and Useful Feedback

Weeks 5 & 6

Hire & Onboard a Team that Exceeds Expectations

Week 7

Explore Coaching Fundamentals for Employee Growth & Challenging Conversations

Week 8

Practice Giving Ongoing Feedback and Build It into Weekly Systems

Part 3: Foundations of Collaboration

Improve Innovation, Employee Performance, and Long-Term Retention

Week 9

Design Jam! Facilitate a Meeting with Brainstorming and Shared Decision Making

Week 10

Align Project Management Systems that Encourage Distributed Ownership

Week 11

Assign Work with Thoughtful Delegation Tactics

Week 12

Create a Culture of Consistent Reflection & Celebration

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